tirn technology offers consulting and simulation support during the development of an electric and hybrid vehicle with focus on high voltage battery, cooling system and control algorithms of the battery, powertrain and vehicle dynamics. tirn technology’s main goal is to help our customers to overcome electromobility challenges.

Electrical model

Our simulations services start with the single cell by building the model for prediction of electrical behaviour. The model is parametrized based on the measurement or data from the cell producer. Afterwards, we are able to reproduce voltage course and predict inner resistance and power losses.

Thermal model

A very important aspect of the battery performance is to keep the cells within required temperature. By building a thermal model on cell or module level, we gain inputs for designing and selecting optimal components for cooling system.

Insight into battery pack using twelve pouch cells per module.

Permanent-magnet synchronous electric motor integrated in the front axle.

Battery management system

By integrating the battery management system into complex simulation model of the battery, we are able to investigate the influence of the control algorithms on the physical state of the battery (current, voltage, temperature etc.) and its interactions under various conditions. Further, we offer development of specific control algorithms – power derating algorithms, state of charge or state of health algorithm.

Vehicle dynamics

Vehicle’s performance such as acceleration, maximal speed and consumption are some of the main evaluation criteria for customer and market success. Combining all of these with legislative restrictions often creates challenges. Vehicle performance and consumption simulation (WLTP, FTP-75, etc.) is a great tool to predict and investigate a complex system. Thus, it enables decision making in early stages of the development.

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